Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What I Love

"...I find my delight in your commandments, which I love. I will lift up my hands toward your commandments, which I love, and I will meditate on your statutes" (Psalm 119:47-48).

How quick I am to proclaim my love:
I love football.
I love pizza.
I love smooth ballpoint pens,
feel-good sports movies,
heavy blankets on cold mornings.

I abuse the word 'love,'
and so warp my own understanding
of what it means to love You.
I look for instant pleasure,
happy feelings,
gratified physical senses.
So I don't love waiting;
I don't love dying to self,
learning to persevere.

Teach me to love.
Give me a taste for the delight that comes with searching,
the delight that has to be pursued, uncovered, found.
Make me love what IS good,
not merely what makes me feel good
for a moment or two.

Make me quick to proclaim my love:
I love the Savior.
I love His Word.
I love the cross,
the resurrection,
the glorious gospel of grace.

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Zoanna said...

I love your blog.