Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Story of a Crazy Woman and Her Pen Obsession

So. A few weeks ago, Elijah's early intervention teacher left her pen at our house. It was just a basic stick pen (though a pretty purple color); I didn't think much of it.

Until I started using it.

This. pen. is. awesome.

See, I have this thing about pens. I have kept a journal very consistently since I was about 12. So I do a whole lot of writing--and when you write a lot, you tend to care a little more than the average person about your pen. Anne Shirley understands what I mean, even if you think I'm a little nuts.

I've gone through various favorite-pen phases...for a while it was the skinny blue-ink Papermate pens, white with a blue cap. I hated how they glopped ink occasionally, but they wrote so nicely otherwise, and the cap was so great for chewing (I know, ew...I outgrew that habit). Then it was black-ink Bic pens--again, just the basic stick pen. I've used and enjoyed more expensive pens, but when you go through them like I do, who wants to drop the big bucks?

Then a while back I got this idea that I wanted BROWN pens. Why is it always blue or black? I like brown. And I didn't want a brown marker; I wanted a brown ballpoint pen. Lo and behold, UPS makes brown pens--two different varieties, and both are prevalent on eBay. So I ordered a whole box of 100. I'm not a fan. The brown is fun, but they just don't write smoothly.

Anyway, I digress. (Surprise, surprise.) For a while now I've mostly been trying to be frugal and clean out the giant collection of random pens Steve and I have amassed over the years. Instead of being choosy, I'm just using up one pen after another. Most have just been average; some have been particularly crappy.

And then I got a hold of this pen. Oh, Cello Silke, how I love you.

I can't believe I'm going to write two posts about pens...but I've gone off rambling, and now this one is too long already. That's just how crazy I am. Tomorrow: My ridiculous quest to get my hands on more of these pens--and how you, too, can own the world's best stick pen.


Laurie said...

i have been writing in multi color metallic for two years now. i go through these gel pens like nobody's business. i must have different colors for each day now. i'm sure i'll grow out of it someday though. as a fellow journal keeper, i completely get your brand of crazy. rock on.

Sarah said...

I haven't been in blogland that much lately, just browsing when I have time. Caught your post this morning and HAD to comment.

You are not the only one with an obsession! I love, love, love the Bic ballpoint pens. You know the clear ones where you can see the ink, with the blue top and bottom caps? Oh my.

Interestingly enough, Mike loves the red Bic pens. They are the ONLY ones he will grade with :)

Danielle said...

I understand completely! ;)

san said...

I have a pen obsession, too!

P.S. Came here through the NaBloPoMo-randomizer ;)

Zoanna said...

My first post ever (many years ago) was about my penchant for pens. I didn't realize then that the blog title and the post title were two different things, so in my ignorance, I "accidentally" named my blog A Penchant for Pens. But I decided it is so fitting that I let it stand.

Gotta try the world's best pen now. Can't wait for your next post.

Amy said...

what a happy accident, Zo! I didn't know "A Penchant for Pens" was accidental--I have always liked your unique blog name. Wish I could come up with a better one for mine.

I wouldn't go so far as to call the Cello Silke "the world's best pen"--but I definitely think it is the best *cheap* pen, the best stick pen.

Unknown said...

I totally know what you mean about the messy, gloppy pens! I hate that! So do let us know how we can get our hands on a pen like this! I like nice writing pens too!

zz said...

How did you come up with Lavendar Sparkles?

ThatLadyInAWhiteDress said...

I'm totally wit you on that-as a prolific journaller I also get quick picky about pens. Currently I love black gel ink pens, but I tend to go through them in a week or less and they can be a tad pricey..so I am trying to find cheaper-as-good options..I think the blue Steadlers might be that option. I can't stand fine-point pens!eek and I don't find Bic pens bright enough