Saturday, November 07, 2009

Surfin' Saturday: Passionate Homemaking

"Surfin' Saturday" was a little blog feature I invented last year or the year before during NaBloPoMo. It relieves the burden of posting on the weekends, and it gives me an opportunity to point to other websites or blogs I find interesting and/or helpful.

First on my list this month is an incredibly informative and overwhelming blog called Passionate Homemaking, written by Lindsay Edmonds. Her tagline is "Loving simple and natural living on a budget," and her blog is a wealth of knowledge. Here you can find information on things like soaking whole grains, using natural sweeteners, or deciding which fats to use; you can read reviews of (and recipes for) natural cleaning and body products; you can get "frugal and nutritious" meal ideas; and you can read inspiration for glorifying God as a wife, mother and homemaker.

I can easily get lost in the archives of this site. It makes my head spin--Lindsay is much further along in the journey toward natural living than I am--but it's a great place to learn and be motivated to take the next step.

Toward a Healthier Lifestyle
"Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants."
Baby Steps

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