Monday, October 16, 2006

Blessings Upon Blessings

Home sweet home...after ten wonderful days at home sweet home. At what point in life do you stop calling both the place you're headed and the place you return to "home"?

It doesn't get much better than being paid hundreds of dollars to spend a week with friends and family. But that's exactly the gift God gave us last week. Steve had training to do for work and found out it was offered in Toledo. Some figuring showed his boss that although they'd have to pay a ridiculous amount of mileage, it would actually be cheaper than paying for a hotel room and every meal if he were to go to Louisville. So we packed our bags and headed for Ohio.

What a blessing it was to have a long visit. Usually when we go home (Steve's parents and mine live in the same town) we are so rushed to pack in time with both our families, let alone trying to see friends. This time we had many more opportunities for QT with family, and I got to visit several dear friends while Steve was in his seminars.

Good times were had by all...even Hank, who only puked in the car one time.

I have many posts with pictures forthcoming. (Not of the puke. Micah.)


Todd and Micah said...

Darn, I was looking forward to the puke :) Don't you love it when life works out for you. Todd and I had the same thing happen to us in August. Glad you could go "home" for awhile.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Sounds nice and relaxing.