Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thankful Thursday, Take 6

Thanking God for...

  • safe travel to Ohio and back last week
  • apple cider and apple butter from MacQueen Orchards
  • hot soup on cold, rainy days
  • our gas hookup only costing $20 instead of the $170 I was told in July
  • the fact that having a warm house is as simple as paying a small deposit and turning a knob on the wall
  • a calm, gentle dog who is friendly and completely unaggressive toward people and other animals
  • the generosity, kindness and acts of service we receive so often from both sets of parents
  • peony and lily bulbs my father-in-law dug up for us to plant down here (now if only I can figure out where to put them!)
  • GEMS--I missed those precious girls last week! It was good to be back last night.
  • a free song download from Sovereign Grace--love it!
  • a warm, soft bed with heavy, cozy blankets
  • the fantastic book I'm reading
  • updates on the blogs of friends who don't post often
  • because of Christ's sacrifice, I can call God not just King or Creator or Lord, but "Abba, Father" (Romans 8:15)
  • as His child, one day, I will inherit all that my Heavenly Father owns--the earth and everything in it, made perfect and forever freed from sin's effects and presence--and I will see Him face-to face--and the pleasures of that life will make these small joys listed above a dim shadow! (Romans 8:17-18)

Your turn...

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