Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Someone Trying to Tell Me Something

Girltalk has a great post up today about self-sufficiency and prayer. Here's a taste:
We are often quick to acknowledge the Lord and seek His guidance in extraordinary situations. However, we assume we can “carry on…the ordinary matters of the day without his counsel.” God calls this self-idolatry and pride. How often I live as if sufficient in and of my self to handle most things!

Note that two completely separate blogs have now talked about this within the last 24 hours. I seriously doubt Mark Lauterbach and the Mahaney women consult each other before posting, so this tells me one thing: It's God trying to get my attention. Unfortunately, He knows He has to tell me more than once, from more than one source, for the light bulb to go on in my head. Wow! How kind of Him to make it so clear that I need to sit up and take notice!

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