Friday, October 27, 2006

Started Something

Last Sunday night, I was in the mood to bake. I have an incurable sweet tooth, so when I bake, I occasionally send the extras to work with Steve--because if it's here, I'll eat all of it. I've only sent treats with him a handful of times in the last year, but it has happened before. So when he asked if I would make something he could take to work ("Mondays are always easier to bear if there's something good to eat"), I happily agreed. He voted for banana bread with chocolate glaze (the only way to eat banana bread, in my humble opinion), and I got to baking.

Monday morning, he emailed me to say that the banana bread was a big hit. One of his co-workers had already come back for seconds as of 9:30; in the afternoon, his boss grabbed a piece and commented that he was glad he hadn't known about it until then. Steve came home with an empty plate, having given away the last half-piece on his way out the door. (Thank goodness I swiped a slice before it left the house!) I was glad to have been able to bless my husband and his co-workers in a simple way, and didn't think any more of it.

Until Wednesday afternoon, when Steve told me that Stan's wife had made chocolate chip cookies. Food in the office isn't totally unheard of, but uncommon enough that twice in one week was a notable occurrence. We laughed as we pictured all the guys having gone home Monday and told their wives, "Steve brought us this great banana bread his wife made!" I jokingly remarked that I hoped the other wives didn't hate me.

I got an email from my husband a few minutes ago. Not to be outdone, Vince's wife whipped up a batch of brownies. From scratch.


kristenlea47 said...

Haha- that's funny... sounds like you have a little competition going on there... "whose wife makes the best baked goods?" Who will get the Golden Oven Mitt? My money (if I was a betting person) would be on Amy. I'm not sure why- but I'm thinking its a safe bet, at least from the sounds of the Banana Bread. I also hope the other wives really don't hate you.

Anonymous said...

Just laughing...can you say "grace"? :)

Amy said...

hahaha..."Golden Oven Mitt"...

yeah, Maria, it's that grace thing :)