Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thankful Thursday, Take 5

Today I'm thanking God for...

  • toasted marshmallows and s’mores--YUM
  • donuts my parents saved and froze for us from the county fair--YUM
  • pizza subs from the local joint, with burnt cheese around the edges--YUM
  • reconnecting with one of my college roommates and her husband on Monday (at Bravo, no less--YUM!) --noticing a theme here???
  • the starry night sky that proclaims His creativity, beauty and power
  • the thrill of roller coasters
  • girl time with my BFF
  • fun times in Fort Wayne with friends and family yesterday
  • old friends whom I don’t have to explain myself to
  • the certain hope that one day there will be no more disease or pain or tears
  • giving me a good memory and writing His Word on my heart
  • the fact that I do not face condemnation when I fail because Christ bore it

What about you?


Anonymous said...

1. an amazing husband who demonstrates the perfect way to "speak truth in love"

2. raspberry hot chocolate to drink when it snows in October

3. people that you can connect with for the first time and feel like you've known them for forever

4. peace that Christ offers so I do not have to live a life of anxiety

5. Amy's blog that keeps me up to date on her life and many other old IWU connections :)

Hope you're doing good, Amy!
Blessings, Sandra

Amy said...

yay, thanks for participating!!

I had a raspberry mocha yesterday...there is just something about raspberry and chocolate. yum!

Jackie said...

Today I am thankful for time spent with you! :-) Thankful for yummy soup at Bob Evans! Thankful that God has enough power to keep me sane even when it seems like nothing can! But most of all, thankful for time spent with you! :-) I am sooooo glad I got to see you, and hug you (twice!) .. a hug that was LONG overdue! :-)

Love you and miss you already! haha