Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why I Am Glad to Live in Tennessee

Because in Tennessee, it doesn't do this in October:

This lovely view of my parents' backyard greeted me a week ago today. Miserable. Did this Southern girl pack for snow and mean winds? No. (Did I just call myself a Southern girl? Um...yeah.)

As much as I miss many things about home, I do love living in a place where fall lasts longer and the winters aren't so nasty. Of course, we were welcomed home by Monday's cold and rainy yuck, and a house hovering around 60 degrees...but at least it wasn't SNOW in OCTOBER. And yesterday, we were back up in the 70s. Ahhh...I love me a Tennessee fall.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree. I love that fall seems to last all winter here in Kentucky. But I don't like how it was in the 40s last week and is in the 70s this week. I would much prefer some consistency. But I can't complain about my weather if other people have snow right now :)