Monday, October 30, 2006

Oops...I Did it Again*

So it looks like I really am going for the "Golden Oven Mitt" (though not intentionally).

We had a potluck at church last night--always a good excuse to make something yummy that's too much for just Steve and I to eat. I made pumpkin cake, but there were lots of other desserts, and not as many people there as we sometimes we ended up bringing home half the cake. Goodness knows how many pieces I would eat if it were left lying around in our did it again. I sent the rest to work with Steve this morning. I almost hated to do it...this Betty-Crocker-for-the-guys-at-work thing is getting ridiculous...but this time it wasn't my fault! I had no intention of sending goodies to work with him this week. Honest. If the cake had gotten eaten at the potluck this wouldn't have happened.

Anyway, just in case there was any danger of my getting a big head about all this Betty-Crocker-ness, God knocked me down a peg or two. The hot dish I took to the potluck didn't go over well...apparently it didn't look all that appetizing because I believe the only people who ate any were me and Steve. Ah well...keeps me humble :)

*Did I just use a Britney Spears song as the title for a blog post? Somebody shoot me now.

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kristenlea47 said...

I'm glad the Golden Oven Mitt comment at least made you smile. And yes, you did use a Britney Spears song for a title to a blog... that is a problem... you need help. Just kidding! Just don't let it happen again! ;)