Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why I Don't Pray

Mark Lauterbach is starting up a great series on prayer. He doesn't mince words with today's post:
There are many hindrances to prayer, but the greatest hindrance is in my heart. It is not really that I cannot reconcile a sovereign and a prayer-answering God. Let's get off our theological high horse and repent of thinking we can figure out the inscrutable ways of God. The real issue -- at least in my heart -- is self-sufficiency.
He goes on to accuse himself (and I feel the sting of the accusation in my own heart) of being an atheist in his strengths, and a deist in general.

Go check it out--part one is here, and today's post is here.

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Bethany said...

I am loving his posts this week. So convicting.

I have been going through a major Trial this year and yes praying but have felt so convicted about having to have things out of control to run to God.

I have C. Sprurgeon's book on Prayer...a 30 day devotional and loving that.