Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Home Repair and Halloween

I didn't think to liveblog Halloween. But if I had, it would have looked something like this:

5:15ish: Five boys are the first trick-or-treaters. They knock on the storm door, then open it and knock on the big wooden door, then discover the knocker and try that. All in the 20 seconds it takes me to jump off the couch and walk to the door. Four of them are not even wearing costumes, which I think is completely lame and hardly deserves candy, but their parents are waiting on the sidewalk and I'm not mean enough to give them more of a hard time than saying, "C'mon, where are your costumes?" as I dump Kit-Kat bars into their pillowcases.

5:20ish: Steve begins unexpected demolition in our bathroom.

6:15ish: We sit down to taco salads. Yum.

6:30ish: One little girl trick-or-treating. Also delightedly discovers the big, loud knocker on our door.

6:40ish: Steve gets into the candy BEFORE I DO. Shocking, I know.

8:00: We give up on the trick-or-treaters and each grab a caramel apple sucker, then head to Lowe's to buy a new vanity, a new faucet, and some plumbing gadgets to repair the drain under the bathroom sink.

10:00ish: I discover how the length of my bathroom routine gets multiplied when I am making seventeen trips back and forth from the bathroom (where all my stuff is) to the kitchen (where the only sink in the house is).

This is the second year in a row that we have had a pathetic number of trick-or-treaters, leaving bags of candy lying around our house. Not good. We live in a densely populated area...I really don't understand what the deal is. Last year at the apartment we had the same issue, but I thought being in a house in the middle of town would make a difference. I guess the neighbor kids behind us, as well as my GEMS girls tonight, are going to hit the jackpot with a bunch of candy so I don't eat it all myself.

More on the bathroom repair, with pictures, later. You know you just can't wait.

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