Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"You're Weird"

I've been tagged by Kerry Woo to confess six weird things about myself. I already listed plenty of weird stuff in my 100 Things, so it was hard to come up with different ones. (Not that I don't think I have quirks--just that it's hard to think of them offhand.) I asked Steve for ideas but he thought that sounded like the kind of question designed to get a spouse in trouble. Anyway, here are half a dozen more:

1. My elbows are double jointed. Both of them, though the left is worse than the right. They bend out backwards, past 180 degrees, and I can twist my arms without moving my hand/wrist. I'll try to post a picture later today, or have Steve take one when he gets home or something. I have found that this body quirk elicits two reactions: "COOL!" or "GROSS!"

2. I make a lot of noise when I first wake up--sort of a mild protest against getting out of bed, I guess, complete with groaning and moaning. A lot of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it. I also make funny noises when I yawn--I get that from my mom. I think I used to do it to mock her and it sort of stuck--kind of like how your parents tell you not to cross your eyes because they'll stay that way.

3. I save everything school-related. I still have papers I wrote in sixth grade, four years of French vocabulary sheets, my entire anatomy notebook from my junior year of high school...and the sick thing is, I know exactly where it all is. I hate to throw it away--keep thinking, "you never know when that might come in handy." And in fact it does occasionally: While I was home last weekend we were talking about family tree stuff and I was able to produce, in under 60 seconds, a genealogy paper I wrote in 1998. So there.

4. I am picky about food textures. There are a lot of foods I don't care for solely because of how they feel. This includes beans (every kind but green) as well as yogurt/pudding and other creamy/substanceless stuff.

5. I have been known to talk in my sleep. Usually it's incoherent mumbling, but occasionally it's clear. One instance that comes to mind is from high school...a friend heard me and thought I was still awake. When she responded, "What?", I said loudly, "The diamonds! The diamonds are dripping!"

6. I can recite the 50 states in alphabetical order at an astounding rate. We learned a little song in third grade and I took great pride in being the first one to have them memorized. I used to be able to fly through them in under 20 seconds--not sure if I can still go that fast or not. Just one of my many useless talents.

Let's see, who to tag next? How about Julie, Jeff (I already know he's weird, can't wait to see what he would come up with ;), Amanda, Kate, Micah, and Josh/Jamie (whoever gets to it first over at their place). Of course, some of these will be party poopers--so join in even if I didn't tag you, and leave a comment to let me know you're sharing your oddities with the world.


Mrs. L said...

Weird things about me---- Hmm, too many things to count. LOL
Here are some of the many things:
1. I stick out my tongue when I am trying to concentrate. (Especially when I'm coloring!)
2. I completely agree with you on the food texture thing. It's normally the combination with nasty taste that grosses me out. I won't eat coconut, peas, mushrooms, or olives. (Or canalope, but the texture doesn't bother me.)
3. When I get shots, I cry like a baby. It's so bad that Dad actually laughs at me.
There's a bunch of other weird things, but I have to save some of them for my own blog!

Amy said...

I think coconut is a common texture to dislike...but strangely, I LOVE it. I'm with you on the mushrooms (it's FUNGUS, hello), olives and peas--and I don't like cantaloupe either!

Combs said...

You forgot that you enjoy spilling your food on you before you eat it. I think that's pretty weird.
Much love, amy.

Jackie said...

haha yeah you really are weird! I always thought so in the back of my mind .. but yes .. you are for sure weird now! haha just kidding .. I'll have to post some weird things about me on my blog .. so look for them! :) Miss you!

PS: guess what .. we're getting another flippin presenter at PR .. once again CHANGE .. blah! lol

Amanda said...

ok, you caught me at a weak moment between paragraphs so I updated. enjoy at your leisure

Kerry Woo said...

Amy, saving stuff comes in handy! Sounds like you got your own manual "Google" going on - Thanks for playing; God's blessings and peace in your home.

Jules said...

I totally understand the texture thing. Oatmeal--tastes fine but the texture makes it discusting. Same thing with tapioka. Blech.

I still know the fifty nifty states song too. If I'm trying to think of a state I have to start from the beginning of the song. ♫Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas...

Josh Hilty said...

We did it! See all 12 of our oddities on our blog...

Anonymous said...

You do not know me, but i was surfing the internet--and i some how saw your name: Amy Kannel. This was really weird to me, because I know part of the Kannel Klan. My name is Megan. Ben is my best friend, and Mike and Sue (and Ben) go to my church...well: our church. Anyways, I decided i would respond to your blog.

Random things about me:
I can crack just about any body part. My thumbs are the coolest though, because i can crack them for as long as i want.
I can say the alphebet backwords...fast too, but it's harder to understand.
I am extremely gullible!

Sorry, this "weird" subject kinda' got changed to random facts about you.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Thanks for listening to what i wrote (not that it was at all important. lol)
><> Megan <><