Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thankful Thursday, Take 9

Thanking God for...

  • my new Christmas CD that arrived this week--LOVING it! go buy one!
  • calzones
  • sour cream cookies (my grandma's recipe--always think of her when I bake them)
  • the incredible gift of marriage (to an incredible man)
  • 70 degrees in November! whoo hoo!
  • elections are over
  • narrowly avoiding a car accident Wednesday night
  • toffee nut latte with Rebekah
  • fellowship with women from church
  • forgiveness from my sin
  • His perfect sovereignty
  • His infinite wisdom

Your turn...


tonymyles said...

70 degrees?

Ribbid-skibbid, grumble grumble.

Amy said...

well, ok, I lied.

it actually hit 79 yesterday. today is supposed to be 76.

ahh I love Tennessee! (we won't talk about the 30-degree drop forecasted for tomorrow) :)

Amanda said...

Same reason I love Charlotte!
And, even when it gets colder (and by that I mean 60), it's still sunny.


rebekah said...

thanks for you too

:) and for the record, i am a tennessee lover too