Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving Edition

Kelly got me started doing this last year--I think I will make it a tradition. In honor of Thanksgiving, a sort of mega-version of Thankful Thursday. I am thanking God this year for...

  1. an amazing husband to share life with
  2. contact lenses
  3. fall leaves in reds, oranges and yellows
  4. sparkly pens
  5. Hank
  6. phones
  7. email
  8. blogs
  9. the new friends I have made through blogs
  10. knowing that although I likely will never meet them on earth, we'll get together in Heaven someday!
  11. laughter--the kind where your cheeks hurt and your stomach aches
  12. traveling I have gotten to do around the U.S. and world
  13. Christmas music
  14. grace to be able to cook
  15. KitchenAid mixer
  16. tucking away savings for Christmas gifts gradually all year long = no December money crunch
  17. the ability to walk
  18. chocolate
  19. GEMS girls
  20. GEMS co-counselors
  21. freedom to worship Him without persecution
  22. free John Piper sermons online
  23. a CD burner on our computer
  24. Sovereign Grace Ministries
  25. Compassion International
  26. Samaritan's Purse
  27. Voice of the Martyrs
  28. Kingdom Building Ministries
  29. our house--being a homeowner instead of a renter
  30. the realtor and mortgage broker who helped us buy it
  31. the means to make a good down payment
  32. small mortgage payments
  33. my husband's handyman skills
  34. hardwood floors
  35. a fireplace
  36. red paint in the dining room
  37. plenty of kitchen counter & cupboard space
  38. a porch swing
  39. a bigger freezer than the one at our apartment
  40. lots of natural light
  41. loving and generous parents
  42. loving and generous in-laws
  43. both sets of parents still being married to each other
  44. new recipes
  45. contemporary music with rich, gospel-centered lyrics (see #24)
  46. beautiful photography
  47. heavy blankets
  48. scented candles
  49. friendliness of the kids next door
  50. Steve's job
  51. freelance opportunities to use my skills and make a little extra income
  52. extended times alone with God
  53. women who have mentored me
  54. low utility bill
  55. brown sugar & fig lotion
  56. ability to play the piano
  57. opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving
  58. yummy Thanksgiving feast
  59. beautiful neighborhood to take walks in
  60. gas prices lower than $3/gallon (it's all about perspective)
  61. church potlucks
  62. hugs from kids
  63. high speed internet access
  64. sense of smell
  65. His Word in my own language
  66. thick, soft hair
  67. digital photos
  68. ten-day vacation coming up at Christmas
  69. mental health
  70. memory
  71. prayer journals
  72. frozen cookie dough
  73. pillowtop mattress
  74. prayer service at church this week
  75. deepening my understanding of the gospel
  76. long-distance friends who keep in touch
  77. mercy without measure, new every morning
  78. turtleneck sweaters
  79. coffeehouses that aren't chains
  80. immediate family on both sides who love each other & get along peacefully
  81. flip flops
  82. ability to type quickly
  83. answered prayers
  84. opening my eyes and giving me the grace to come to Him
  85. Nashville is Talking--the fascinating people, the different perspectives...oh, and the extra blog traffic it brings :)
  86. raw spinach--it makes me feel good eating it, like I'm actually healthy
  87. lots of cute babies/toddlers at church to love on
  88. Steve's willingness to scratch my back or rub my shoulders frequently
  89. free fonts
  90. 70 mph speed limit in Indiana
  91. aluminum foil
  92. did I mention my amazing husband?
  93. indoor plumbing
  94. the Spirit who intercedes for me
  95. effective Scripture memory system
  96. His fatherly compassion
  97. the fact that He never changes
  98. His sovereignty
  99. His promises to provide for all my needs
  100. real hope for eternity, founded on the solid Rock of Christ and His perfect blood

Count your blessings this Thanksgiving--remember all the reasons you have to be grateful! (And comment below to add a few of your own--or a link to your own blog list of blessings!)

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