Saturday, November 18, 2006

Once a Buckeye, Always a Buckeye

I think I became a Buckeye fan out of sheer orneriness--to spite my dad, an avid Michigan fan. I grew up in Ohio, but only ten minutes from the Michigan border, and for whatever reason, my dad chose the U of M as the team to support. Being a daddy's girl, I blindly memorized the words to "Hail to the Victors" until sometime in middle school, when I obstinately decided I wanted to root for Ohio State instead. You can look at it as childish rebellion...or you can look at it as finally seeing the light :)

It's a good-natured family rivalry now (me versus my dad, mom and brother); maturity, plus years of losses to Michigan under Jim Cooper, taught me not to talk too much trash because I'd likely end up eating my words. Still, I won't be able to resist at least a little "Go Bucks!" when I talk to my parents tomorrow night.

I suppose I am a bit of an anomaly as a wife--the kind who doesn't just not resent it when her husband watches football, but actually looks forward to curling up on the couch with him to catch a game. This maybe started also because I am a daddy's girl; my dad used to be an assistant football coach (before I was born) and I loved asking him questions, learning all the lingo. I take pride now in being able to follow the plays, knowing who plays what position and what the calls mean.

So as you can imagine, all activities at the Kannel house stopped for Buckeye football this afternoon. The game was unprecedented in the history of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry as a #1 vs. #2 matchup--and our Buckeyes came out on top.

Steve heard a rumor recently that NFL teams are courting our beloved Jim Tressel. Who can blame them? He's a phenomenal coach--now 5-1 against Michigan, with one national championship under his belt and another on the way. Steve remarked the other day that he probably never buys his own dinner if he eats out anywhere in Columbus. The man is incredible. If he leaves OSU to go coach a bunch of overpaid whiners, we will cry.



Kelly said...


I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

However, I do think I would get along GREAT with your dad.

Mr. Kaylor, should you ever read this...I just want you to know that my 20 month old daughter learned how to raise both arms and say "Go Blue" this past weekend. was more like "Go Bwue"...but you get the idea. :)

Amy said...

oh Kelly...some might consider that child abuse...

bring that poor baby down here to my house and I will show her the light :)

Jamie said...

What a relief that I am not the only one! My poor husband catches so much flak from the guys at work...because I am the football addict, and HE sits down once in a while to watch it with me! :)