Sunday, November 19, 2006

This or That Thanksgiving

Holiday Grinch: What's Your Ideal Thanksgiving?

STUFFING: Cornbread or Oyster?
*I've never had cornbread stuffing. I guess that means I will never be a real Southerner :) TURKEY: Fresh or Frozen?
*either way, if it's smoked. I'm not a big fan of the regular roasted kind.
POTATOES: Sweet or Mashed?
*sweet, in my mom's casserole with lots of caramelized topping and pecans
BREAD: Biscuits or Rolls?
*mmm...bread...any kind, please and thank you
BEVERAGE: Sweet Tea or Champagne?
*yuck (again, will never be a real Southerner) and yuck. how about a glass of milk--or some apple cider?
CASSEROLE: Green Bean or Squash?
*definitely green bean
PIE: Pumpkin or Pecan?
*one sliver of pumpkin, only if barely visible under Cool Whip
AT TABLE: Friends or Family?
*friends would be fun, but not generally possible--everyone is with family, which is also fun
TABLETOP: Good China or Chinet?
*good china
ON TV: Macy's Parade or Football?
*football if it's college--Macy's Parade if it's pro
DINNERTIME: Noon or Later?
*noon AND later when you're married :)
JELLO SALAD: Tradition or Unforgiveable?
PRAYER: Blessing or Curse?
ATTIRE: Casual or Dressy?
AFTER DINNER: Pants Undone or Out for a Walk?
LEFTOVERS: Keep or Share?

Countdown: Three days until we're home giving thanks with family and friends!

(HT: Nashville is Talking)


Anonymous said...

If you could possibly get over yourself and this thing you have about being a Yankee living in the South and stoop so low as to "try" cornbread "stuffing", you might find that you actually like it.

Amy said...

whoa...that sounded a bit defensive/hateful! I am not sure how my original post got a transplanted "Yankee" I actually love the South...didn't know I had a "thing" about it that I needed to get over! was merely commenting that "real" Southerners--natives--would probably be appalled that I don't like sweet tea (I don't like ANY kind of tea, for the record) or that I've never tasted cornbread stuffing.

I am not at all against cornbread stuffing--I never said it would be "stooping low" to try it--I just have never had the opportunity. if you would be so kind as to provide a recipe, I would love to give it a try.

good grief. if you're going to come out of nowhere and be a hater, at least don't hide behind anonymity!

Jules said...

I'm breaking my "no posting while at work" rule to give a big eye roll to the random flamer. Seriously, of all of the controversial are getting attacked for a "stuffing" comment? I'm baffled.

PS. I argue very adamantly that my mom’s portabella mushroom stuffing is absolutely, no question--THE best.