Friday, November 05, 2010


Day 5 and I almost lost the challenge already. OY. I think NaBloPoMo is going to be a little more difficult this year than I anticipated...

As the mother of a newborn, I highly, highly value my sleep--so this brief little check-in is the best I can do today. There's no way I'm staying up to write a thoughtful blog post; I'm going to bed!

Back tomorrow with some links, and planning to put up pictures every Sunday this month :)


Anonymous said...

I wondered if you were going to miss the mark today. Yay for you, you pulled out an 11th hour post.

Are you "allowed" to schedule your posts per the rule in NaBlowhatever (I always call it "No Problemo" to myself). I think I would if I could.

Do you need any inspiration or are you doing okay with the little guy's newness?

Robin said...

Just posted something very similar...though I have no newborn-card to pull. :) Hope you're settling in as a family of four!

Amy said...

yep, you can schedule posts in advance, you just can't write them after the fact and date them in the past. I definitely do that over Thanksgiving, so I don't have to think about it in the midst of all the holiday celebrations.

and who are you, Anonymous, anyway? :)