Monday, November 08, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 183

I'm over halfway through my first day at home alone with the boys, and so far, so good. God is faithful...the manna is on the ground for me to gather abundantly and never run out. Today I am thanking Him for...

1046. providing quiet time first thing this morning for me to seek His face and quiet my soul
1047. Steve getting Elijah's breakfast all out and ready before he left for work/before Elijah got up
1048. Elijah's patience (am I actually writing that?!)
1049. a much-awaited phone call from my best friend, timed perfectly: I had just finished nursing Jude and had just put in Mary Poppins for Elijah to finish watching
1050. my new baby carrier, just arrived in the mail today

1051. a phone call from Steve, to check in and see how we're doing
1052. Elijah's desire to be a helper
1053. gobs of food that a friend from church brought for us
1054. keeping me keenly aware of my dependence on Him, my weakness, my desperate need
1055. His power and strength, made perfect in my weakness


Danielle said...

What new baby carrier are you getting?

Jamie said...

Awesome! Been praying for you today :)

Amy said...

Danielle, I have a couple of new ones this time - we're trying out ring slings for the first time (I like them for this stage but am pretty sure I won't like them once he gets significantly bigger) and I got an Ergo replacement (that's the one that arrived today). It's called a Kangapack--same idea as an Ergo, except less bulky, and handmade by a girl I know.

I'm planning to do a post on "Handmade Baby Goodies" at some point this month, so you can see these plus the awesome diaper bag my SIL made for me!