Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving 2010

Switching to "Thankful Thursday" rather than "Multitude Monday" this week, for obvious reasons and for old times' sake--my sweet friend Kelly inspired me five years ago, long before Thankful Thursdays began, to come up with a list of 100 things I was thankful for at Thanksgiving. The tradition continues...this year I am thanking God for:

1056. knowing and loving me before time began
1057. adopting me as His child
1058. Steve
1059. the fact that five years later, I still look at him and marvel at the fact that I got to marry him
1060. Elijah

1061. the way he gets more and more fun as he gets older
1062. the progress he made in communication this summer
1063. Jude
1064. his beautiful entry into the world
1065. the anticipation of smiles and coos

1066. use of all five senses
1067. use of my arms and legs
1068. the ability to drive
1069. slings and soft structured carriers for babywearing
1070. the habit of journaling

1071. the natural substances He created for healing the body
1072. my parents
1073. my in-laws
1074. our extended families
1075. living in an age when traveling long distances to see them is entirely realistic and happens relatively often

1076. high school friends
1077. college friends
1078. friends from our old church
1079. friends from our new church
1080. friends I've made online

1081. my camera
1082. health insurance
1083. our church
1084. our pastors
1085. gospel-centered sermons

1086. sustaining me through sleep deprivation so I mostly feel OK
1087. an abundant milk supply
1088. opportunities to grow in patience and compassion
1089. a freezer full of meals
1090. clean water

1091. showers
1092. the gift of weakness, so I can experience His sustaining grace
1093. the example of Steve's servanthood
1094. online shopping
1095. comfortable mattresses

1096. snuggling with Steve to keep warm
1097. the funny things Elijah says
1098. His mercy in the face of my fear and unbelief
1099. the privilege of taking CCEF classes
1100. Steve's job

1101. the ability to read
1102. old blog posts and journals, a record of where I've been
1103. headbands
1104. peri bottles
1105. progress on our remodeling projects

1106. lidocaine
1107. pumpkin spice lattes
1108. podcasts
1109. long walks
1110. the KidTalk study

1111. recipes
1112. nerve endings in the skin
1113. rhubarb
1114. Mason jars
1115. flannel

1116. the privilege of generosity
1117. hearing my prayers
1118. others' intercession on my behalf
1119. praying *with* others, especially with Steve and with my friends Lydia & Laura
1120. written-out prayers

1121. His ability to sympathize with my weakness
1122. remembering that I am dust
1123. not breaking or snuffing me out in my weakness
1124. never leaving or forsaking me
1125. piling promises upon promises

1126. Jesus, in whom all those promises are YES!
1127. His perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, true Word
1128. the ability to memorize it
1129. its power to defeat satan's schemes
1130. teaching me to see Jesus everywhere in it

1131. Sharpie pens
1132. ice cream
1133. herbs
1134. dealing blows to my pride
1135. children's music that Elijah loves and that doesn't annoy us

1136. pretty fonts
1137. frozen chocolate
1138. the sweet smell of a nursing newborn
1139. Q-tips
1140. snail mail

1141. heat
1142. exercise ball
1143. blankets
1144. Google
1145. digital photography

1146. the hope of Heaven
1147. gospel-centered music
1148. elastic
1149. calculators
1150. GPS

1151. the change of the seasons
1152. growing and changing me
1153. never changing in His character or promises
1154. the realization that all gifts, temporal and eternal, great and small, are from His hand
1155. the cross, which purchased all these gifts for me

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