Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Friends

Jamie and I went to the same (relatively small) church for three and a half years--but, ironically, didn't become friends until we started reading each other's blogs, right around the time Steve and I left that church. Our boys are just a few months apart, so we began scheduling playdates--for them, of course ;)

Over the last two years I have really enjoyed getting together with Jamie and her four delightful kiddos--and they are all so sweet to Elijah; he enjoys them, too. I think it's reasonable to say that "Isaiah" (Jamie prefers not to use their real names on a public blog) was Elijah's first real friend.

So it was with sadness that we invited Jamie and the kids over on Monday for our last playdate. Her husband is being transferred across the country, so they're moving in a few weeks. Our time together was bittersweet--sweet, because Jamie got her baby fix and I got to accomplish dishes and laundry while I had someone to hold Jude, and because the kids played so well together and we enjoyed adult conversation. Bitter, because I have no idea if or when we'll ever see them again :(

A few pictures from our day...Jamie and her girls fought over who got to hold Jude, each taking several turns (I loved their excitement over my little guy):

We tried to get Elijah and Isaiah to pose for a picture together...they're both three, so this was the best we could do:

We also had to get a picture of the mamas together:

And then we had to say goodbye. I don't think Isaiah was *really* that sad...but the look on his face seems to say that he's losing his best friend!

I'm so thankful for Jamie's friendship, which couldn't have come into my life at a better time; for the conversations we've had and the things I've learned from her; for the many, many ways her kids have made me laugh; for a friend for Elijah; and for the crazy number of hand-me-downs she has blessed me with, from puzzles to books to clothes to a play kitchen to even a crib! She has been SO generous to us!

I'm also thankful that we can keep in touch easily in this internet age...and that her family is moving someplace I'd love to visit on a vacation :) Best wishes in your new adventure, Jamie and family...Elijah and I will miss you!

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Jamie said...

not crying...NOT crying...shoot.

Bittersweet tears...bitter because God alone knows when we will see each other again, sweet because we live in blog-land in the age of email! :)

God IS good, isn't He!