Saturday, November 27, 2010

Surfin' Saturday ~ 11.27.10

I haven't been online a whole lot this week, so I haven't read many blogs, so I don't have much to share with you today :) But thought I would offer up two quick Thanksgiving-related links--one I read this week, and one I remembered from a couple of years ago...

Thanksgiving Rightly Addressed - A Holy Experience
Thinking this week about how glad I am to know Whom to thank in this season of celebrating gratitude--and remembered this old post from (who else?) Ann, who writes, "...if gratitude is sensed only as a global, vague feeling, addressed to no one in particular, it’s as good as not sent. Non-existent."

Why I'm Ungrateful - Moore to the Point
Russell Moore notes that "gratitude is spiritual warfare" and shares a convicting story, asking, "Is there anything in your life that you’ve grown accustomed to? Is there something you prayed for, fervently, in pleading in its absence that you haven’t prayed for, fervently, in thanksgiving in its presence?"

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