Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Friends, More Photos

Thursday of our week at home found me thoroughly enjoying one of Pizza Oven's famous pizza subs. Yummy wonderful burnt-cheese goodness. Then I made dinner and our friends Kaleb and Denise came over, along with their cutie-pie son, Dawson, and a sweet teenage boy who Kaleb has sort of been mentoring. Seventeen-month-old Dawson was a little whiny before we ate--but was soon occupied with the fun of drumming on a pot. Who needs expensive toys?

As much grace as God has given me when it comes to cooking, I still struggle with making all the parts of a meal come together smoothly at the same time. I don't know why I can multi-task everywhere except in the kitchen! (The main part was an improvisation that is yummy and easy--dip chicken breasts in a mixture of honey mustard and a little lemon juice, coat with crushed french-fried onions, and bake at 400* for 20 minutes!)

Friday I got to have lunch with three of my former co-workers from Project Respect (or rather, two co-workers and my boss). Left to right: Patty, Jackie, me and Shirley. My time at Project Respect was...well, let's just say it was one of the few times in my life where I believe God specifically called me to do something I ended up hating, yet knew He had led me to it. Maybe "hate" is too strong a word. It wasn't all bad. But I was glad to be done, for sure. Anyway, the saving grace of those nine months was these precious ladies (plus a couple of others) who became dear friends. I may not have liked my job, but I did love working with great people like them.

Friday night, my college roommate Stephanie graciously drove up from Fort Wayne to see me since she was busy the day I saw the rest of the Fort Fun crew. We have made a lot of memories together in five or six years as friends and roommates--Stephanie is one of those people who knows me really well and loves me anyway. She is a busy girl doing all sorts of neat stuff and I was so thankful that she made time for me. I loved hearing about all she's up to--serving God, enjoying life.

Oh, and I got a new haircut, which you can see in the last two pictures.


Jackie said...

oh no .. Hate is NOT too strong of a word .. I could think of a few stronger ones that I'd rather say about it right now, but I won't! :-) And why in the world didn't someone tell me my hair looked like crap! haha and what's with that smile .. oh yeah, I remember .. Shirley's .. uh .. problem with my arm! HAHA! :-) Love you! Miss you already! :-)

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really cute!

Anonymous said...

A. Your hair is adorable!
B. Are you sure that is my Dawson because it looks just like a picture of little Kaleb! it's not possible that he is that big.
C. I love and miss you!