Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thankful Thursday, Take 7

Thanking God for...

  • a date with my handsome husband last Saturday
  • said husband's mad grilling skills
  • vegetable beef soup, and the fact that I like it now (I wouldn't have touched it with a ten foot pole as a kid)
  • a clean, no-longer-smelly dog, and a husband willing to help bathe him
  • the gift of music
  • sparkly pens
  • changing my heart to enjoy cooking/baking
  • the fabulous taste of yellow cake batter--which I believe I would choose for dessert of my last meal if I were on death row. Just give me a spatula and a mixing bowl full of the delightful stuff.
  • cake batter ice cream, a brilliant invention that's almost as good as the real thing
  • being "the God who sees" (Genesis 16)--not a distant, impersonal force but a loving, sovereign God who watches over every detail of my life and never slumbers nor sleeps
  • the cross, which gives me reason to rejoice even in the midst of sorrow or pain

And you?


Anonymous said...

* I'm thankful it's Friday!
* I'm thankful that my house is a mess and the reason for that is we're working on it and God has provided the funds.
* I'm thankful that God sustains me in every circumstance.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for choices. Im thankful for ginger ale( the only thing that calms my angry stomach right now). I'm thankful for women that take the time to blog their christian viewpoint.